December 13, 2022

Texting Scam Alert

Fraud Prevention Cyber Security

Consumers in the CorTrust Bank footprint have been targeted by a phishing scam in a fraudulent attempt to gain access to customer account information. The scammers are sending text messages stating there has been fraudulent activity on an account and directing customers to click on a link to cancel the payment. We have included a sample of what the fake text message could look like.

To be clear, CorTrust Bank has not been compromised. We take the security of our customer information very seriously and are making you aware of the breach should you encounter any suspicious messages about your CorTrust card. If you should receive a similar message, do not click the link and delete the message.

As a reminder, CorTrust will never ask for information regarding your accounts or card numbers. Please be vigilant with protecting your personal information. If something doesn't feel right, please call (605) 995-7996.

Additionally, we encourage you to download the CorTrust Bank mobile app through the App Store and Google Play. Our mobile app allows you to turn your cards on and off should you experience any unusual account activity. We also offer an alert and notification system available within our mobile app and online banking. This allows you to receive real-time notifications regarding your account and potentially catch fraudulent activity. The CorTrust Fraud Department uses the text short code number 372-68 to notify customers of suspicious account activity. If you receive a text from a number other than that short code it may be a scam.

Text Fraud