April 28, 2020

Keeping Busy Through COVID-19: Part Two


If you haven't already, be sure to check out Part One of our series on keeping busy during COVID-19. In Part Two, we are dishing out more ways staff members throughout CorTrust Bank are staying entertained during these extended times at home.

"I've been doing a variety of things to help pass the time, like baking a treat from scratch once a week to share with loved ones, sending cards to family and friends, and watching daily live streams of masses by my nephew, Father Andrew Young, a Chaplain for the Marines in Florida."

Donna Gohn, Customer Service Representative in Aberdeen, SD

"I've been making fabric masks in my spare time. I love to sew, so this has been a great way to combine a passion of mine and a need. I've also been turning to Pinterest for home project ideas. I've made a handy dog gate, as well as a cushion for our coffee table for additional seating."

Lexus Bordeaux, Internal Auditor in Sioux Falls, SD

"We have teenage daughters, so we have tasked them with cooking family dinner once a week. It's a great learning experience for them and it's fun to see the sense of pride they have from cooking! Additionally, we have our children pick one distant family member to FaceTime with or send a letter. Another activity I participate in is a bible study through Zoom with other community members."

Cory Nuest
, Vice President in Monticello, MN

"Jack and I love to bike when the weather allows. It's a great way for us to decompress after a long day and definitely helps us sleep soundly at night after a great workout!"

Gina Hopkins, Vice President in Sioux Falls, SD

"I've been coloring pictures while at home - it's an activity that helps me unwind at the end of each day and a way to get my creative juices flowing! Plus, I have spruced up some chairs and flower baskets with fresh coats of paint."

Emily Nagel, Internet Banking/Debit Card Representative in Mitchell, SD

"My family loves bagels and, so, one weekend we made a dozen "everything" bagels from scratch for the first time. It was a little time consuming, but we have extra time on our hands. They weren't perfect looking, but they were very tasty!"

John Heisler, SVP Wealth Management Division Manager in Sioux Falls, SD