August 23, 2017

The CorTrust Mortgage Advantage

Home Buying Mortgage

When it comes to deciding on a mortgage company for your home loan, not all are created equal. Which is why it is so important to really research who you want to work with. With CorTrust Mortgage, you can expect some pretty great perks and benefits. Check out the CorTrust Mortgage Advantage:

Rates + Closing Costs

  • Competitive rates, it’s a CorTrust Mortgage Advantage.
  • Sound advice on when to lock in your rate to get the best value on your loan.
  • Industry knowledge on the current outlook and economic trends.

Local Servicing Benefits

  • Unlike other banks, we do not sell off our traditional mortgage loans – it stays local and that’s a CorTrust Mortgage Advantage.
  • If you have an insurance claim, you work directly with our Sioux Falls Mortgage Servicing Team to get you through the process with ease.
  • If Fannie Mae has special programs for refinances or modifications, you work directly with our Mortgage Lenders – not an automated operator.