August 23, 2017

Here's Why We Ask

Community Banking Fraud Prevention

Do you ever feel like you are constantly giving out your email address, phone number, or date of birth when doing your everyday tasks? Whether you are at the grocery store or your favorite clothing provider, it seems this data is continually asked for. And we totally get the feelings of frustration you may have when asked to give out this personal information. However, when it comes to giving this data to your financial institution, be glad they are verifying your information and looking out for your best interests.

The reason we ask for an email address, phone number, or date of birth is not to be nosy, rather it is to protect you. Imagine if someone posing as you called the bank wanting access to your account information. If we did not ask these basic security questions, your account could potentially be compromised. Or perhaps you walk-in to a bank branch you typically do not frequent. It is protocol for us to confirm you are who you say you are by authenticating these personal data fields.

Plus, when we have a valid email address on file we can inform you of security breaches or threats in the area right when they are happening. For example, last year consumers in Eastern South Dakota were targeted by a phishing scam in a fraudulent attempt to gain access to account information. We were able to email our customers immediately about this scam to help protect them.

We know it can feel like a burden being asked for personal information constantly, but we have your best interests in mind when we ask those personal questions. So the next time you get asked for your email address, phone number, or date of birth, know that we ask for security purposes and to protect you.