February 27, 2018

Switching Made Easy

Online Banking

Have you ever thought about switching banks? Maybe you are tired of doing business with the "big banks" that treat you like a number, and you want to bank somewhere local, like CorTrust. Or maybe you want to bring all of your financial services under one roof. Then you start thinking about the hassles that come with changing banks, like the time and effort to migrate all your direct deposits and recurring transactions. It's a daunting thought that can easily scare anyone away from changing financial institutions.

Now wouldn't it be nice if there was an account-switching solution that automated the process for you? Imagine a platform that eliminates filling out multiple forms or payee notifications, and one that took less than 10 minutes to initiate. You don't have to do much imagining; CorTrust removes the anxiety associated with switching accounts through ClickSWITCH™. It's fast, easy, and we'll have you switched over in a matter of minutes!

ClickSWITCH provides the following benefits and advantages:

  • Instant account setup and direct deposit transfer
  • Automatic direct deposit form completion with copies of voided checks
  • Auto-Debit Payee notification of new account information and billing updates
  • Real-time switch confirmations
  • Balance Assist for recommended dollar amounts to leave in former accounts
  • Payment tracking to new accounts
  • Account closure processing when the switch is complete

ClickSWITCH is fast, convenient, and safe. Let us help you quickly and securely switch over to CorTrust today - simply visit your local branch to get started. Bank local - we've made it easy!