February 14, 2018

Grant Programs for Home Buyers

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Are you tired of hauling groceries up three flights of stairs in your apartment complex? How about scraping your icy windshields every morning since your current housing situation doesn't have a garage. Or maybe you are a pet owner and want your own personal backyard for your furry friend to run free. Whatever your reasons, we totally get the desire to move from renting to homeownership. But we also get the struggles that can hold you back, especially financial ones.

Luckily, we have options to help you move beyond financial woes. In fact, many grant programs at our disposal can help. Whether you are a recent college graduate, need down payment and closing cost assistance, or are a first-time home buyer, our experts can look at your unique financial situation to help find grant funds.

Check out a list of featured grant programs and descriptions that could apply to you:

GROW South Dakota

  • GROW South Dakota provides innovative advancement of housing, education, and economic opportunities throughout South Dakota.
  • This program is intended for first- and second-time home buyers, with $10,500 towards down payment and closing costs.
  • Payable back to GROW South Dakota with the sale of the home.
  • $250 fee payable to GROW South Dakota for program participation, as well as participation in First-time Home Buyer classes.


  • This program provides first- or second-time home buyers with $5,000 towards down payment and closing costs, forgivable over five years and prorated.
  • Provides home buyer education for first-time home buyers.
  • Eligible households must be at or below 80% median income.

Grants for Grads

  • This program provides first-time home buyers, who are also recent graduates, funding for down payment and/or closing costs, and a low interest rate mortgage loan.
  • Income restrictions apply.
  • This program is 5% of the loan amount.

While we only highlighted a few grant programs, there are many more. Plus, these funds are made available on a first-come, first-served basis, and subject to availability and qualification. Which is why it is so important to schedule a free consultation with one of our mortgage experts. We can help you find all the funds available to you before they run out - contact us today!