April 19, 2019

Organizing Your Home 101

Home Improvement

If you are like us, spring weather has a way of sparking motivation to get our homes in top shape. More specifically, now is a great time to declutter and create order. Use our tips to tidy up your spaces.

Clothing Tips

Generally, if you have not worn an article of clothing in the last two years, it may be time to part ways. Go through your wardrobe and create piles of items that are to be kept and ones that are to be donated. It's also a good idea to pack away seasonal clothing and rotate in items you will be utilizing more. For example, if the winter season has ended, pack away your heavy sweaters and boots, and cycle in your lighter clothing and accessories.

Office Tips

Your home office can accumulate paper very quickly. Set aside time to go through all these documents and decide what is needed and what can be shredded. Be sure to purchase file organizers or folders to keep paperwork in order. For example, you may have a folder just for house-related documents and one for tax-related paperwork. You may also consider drawer organizers for paper clips, staples, and pens to ensure everything has a spot.

Garage Tips

Another problem area can be the garage. Between lawn care items, tools, and seasonal decorations, clutter can result. Luckily most garages have space to hang overhead storage racks. These overhead racks are perfect for those seasonal items you do not utilize as frequently. You can also invest in wall hooks to store rakes and shovels. Even a simple utility shelf can help store tools and miscellaneous items in a more intentional way.

Repurposing Tips

Finally, look for opportunities to repurpose items you already have around the house to help create organization. For example, do you have a handful of mason jars not in use? Consider using them to store cotton swabs and cotton balls. You can also utilize them to store nails and screws in your garage. Do you have an old shoe box taking up space? A shoe box can serve as a space to store rolled hand towels or as a container for your medicines or toiletries. Whatever the case, look for ways to upcycle the items you already own to keep your belongings in order.