Service Fees

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Safe Deposit Box South Dakota billed annually in March. Minnesota billed annually in May. Fee varies with Safe Deposit Box size.
Photocopy $0.10 per item
Official Checks $0.00-99.00 - $1.00
$100.00-199.00 - $2.00
$200.00-299.00 - $3.00
$300.00 & Up - $3.50
Visa Gift Card $3.50 per card
Notary Fee (Customer Only) $2.00 per item
Stop Payment $20.00 per item
ATM/Debit Card First card free. $10.00 lost, stolen, or damaged cards.
Checking & Savings Overdraft $25.00 per item
Continuous Overdraft $25.00 debited from account for every five business days the account is overdrawn.
Returned Deposit Item $4.00 per item
Account Research $12.00 per hour
Account Statement Activity Printout Current is free. Prior is $12.00.
Accounting Balance Assistance $12.00 per hour
Dormant Account $5.00 per month after six months inactivity on checking accounts and 12 months on savings account below $500 (does not apply to Dino-Saver accounts).
Tax, Levy or Garnishment $25.00 per item
Dino Saver $2.00 if account falls below $10.00 any day during the month. $2.00 for each debit transaction in excess of six during the month.
CorSavings (based on minimum daily balance) $2.00 for accounts opened in South Dakota that fall below $100.00 and $2.00 for accounts opened in Minnesota that fall below $50. $2.00 for each debit transaction exceeding six during the month for accounts in South Dakota and Minnesota.
Personal Checking No monthly fee if requirements are met, otherwise $4.00 per month
Preferred Checking $7.00 per month.
Premium Checking ($2,500.00 minimum balance) No monthly fee if requirements are met, otherwise $10.00 per month.
Wire Transfer Domestic Incoming - $7.50 per item
Domestic Outgoing - $12.50 per item
International - $37.50 per item
ATM Refunds Preferred Checking and Premium Checking customers are eligible to redeem cash withdrawal fees charged by a non CorTrust Bank ATM in the United States, up to a maximum of $15 per month. To redeem a cash withdrawal ATM fee, customers can present a copy of the ATM receipt in person or contact a CorTrust Bank Customer Service Representative within 30 days of transaction. After 30 days, customer forfeits eligibility for refund.

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