Below is a list of fees assessed with certain products offered by CorTrust Bank.

Safe Deposit BoxSouth Dakota billed annually in March. Minnesota billed annually in May. Fee varies with Safe Deposit Box size.
Photocopy$0.10 per item
Official Checks$0.00-99.00 - $1.00
$100.00-199.00 - $2.00
$200.00-299.00 - $3.00
$300.00 & Up - $3.50
Visa Gift Card$3.50 per card
Notary Fee (Customer Only)$2.00 per item
Stop Payment$20.00 per item
ATM/Debit CardFirst card free. $10.00 lost, stolen, or damaged cards.
Checking & Savings Overdraft$25.00 per item
Continuous Overdraft$25.00 debited from account for every five business days the account is overdrawn.
Returned Deposit Item$4.00 per item
Account Research$12.00 per hour
Account Statement Activity PrintoutCurrent is free. Prior is $12.00.
Accounting Balance Assistance$12.00 per hour
Dormant Account$5.00 per month after six months inactivity on checking accounts and 12 months on savings account below $500 (does not apply to Dino-Saver accounts).
Tax, Levy or Garnishment$25.00 per item
Dino Saver$2.00 if account falls below $10.00 any day during the month. $2.00 for each debit transaction in excess of six during the month.
CorSavings (based on minimum daily balance)$2.00 for accounts opened in South Dakota that fall below $100.00 and $2.00 for accounts opened in Minnesota that fall below $50. $2.00 for each debit transaction exceeding six during the month for accounts in South Dakota and Minnesota.
Personal CheckingNo monthly fee if requirements are met, otherwise $4.00 per month
Preferred Checking$7.00 per month.
Premium Checking ($2,500.00 minimum balance)No monthly fee if requirements are met, otherwise $10.00 per month.
Wire TransferDomestic Incoming - $7.50 per item
Domestic Outgoing - $12.50 per item
International - $37.50 per item
ATM RefundsPreferred Checking and Premium Checking customers are eligible to redeem cash withdrawal fees charged by a non CorTrust Bank ATM in the United States, up to a maximum of $15 per month. To redeem a cash withdrawal ATM fee, customers can present a copy of the ATM receipt in person or contact a CorTrust Bank Customer Service Representative within 30 days of transaction. After 30 days, customer forfeits eligibility for refund.