Is it Time to Upgrade From Renting to Owning?

A home is one of the single largest purchases you will make. It’s a big decision and CorTrust has the tools to help guide you. Check out a few of our helpful resources that make deciding between renting and owning a breeze.

Rent vs. Own Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much more (or less) it would cost you to own a home instead of renting? With our handy rent vs. own calculator you can estimate these costs. Simply enter your values to generate a comparison of buying vs. renting a home.

Mortgage Checklist

Getting approved for a home loan can be a smooth process, especially with our simple mortgage checklist. Check out what information you need to begin the mortgage application process.

Online Mortgage Application

We get it. Life gets busy, which is why we offer an online mortgage application for your convenience. Simply fill out an application to become pre-qualified and begin your journey towards home ownership.

Still unsure if you are ready to make the shift from renting to owning? Schedule a free consultation with one of our mortgage specialists to get expert advice.