Bill Pay Benefits to Your Business

What if we told you there is a service through CorTrust Bank that can save your business time and money. You would probably want to know more, right? While you may be expecting some new to the market product, the service we are talking about is already here and simple to use: it’s bill pay!

You may be wondering what makes bill pay so great for business owners. Here are just a few reasons we think you will love it:


When you enroll in bill pay, you are saying “goodbye,” to the days of balancing a checkbook and warehousing stacks of paper. No longer do you have to sort through files to find a statement or receipt; instead, you can look up payments through your online banking account.


We have all been there – completely spacing paying a bill and racking up a late fee. With bill pay, you can avoid this common error. Simply schedule recurring or one-time payments.

Cost Effective

The cost you pay for checks, stamps, and envelopes can add up when mailing in a payment. Imagine the money you could save by eliminating these items. Bill pay saves your business money, plus cutting back on paper is great for green initiatives. 

Bill pay is the easy way to save your business valuable time and money, and that is a win-win! Ready to enroll? Sign up online or learn more on our bill pay resource center to learn more.