Ascent simplifies the process of saving money by automatically putting your daily transactions to work for you. Whenever you make a purchase, Ascent will round up or down to the nearest dollar and put the difference into your savings account.

Save Up. Simply.

Financial wellness means saving throughout life. Ascent allows you to grow your savings just by doing the things you normally do. Use the money you save for:

  • Vacation
  • Christmas gifts
  • Home repairs
  • Unexpected expenses
  • College savings
  • Or reinvest and watch it grow more!

Ascent simplifies the process of saving money. It's one more tool in your financial savings plan, helping you be as financially prepared as possible.

Option 1: Round up to the nearest dollar after every CorTrust Debit Card purchase.

After each purchase made using your CorTrust Bank Debit Card, Ascent automatically rounds up to the nearest dollar. Here's how it works:

Debit Card Purchasesswipe to compare Round Up to The Next Dollar Transfer to Savings
Coffee - $5.52 $6.00 $0.48
Gas - $25.30 $26.00 $0.70
Pizza - $10.45 $11.00 $0.55
Total Daily Transfer to Savings $1.73

Option 2: Round down your end of day CorTrust Checking Account balance to the nearest dollar.

At the end of each day, Ascent will round down the balance in your checking account and transfer it to your savings account. Here's how it works:

Day Ending Balanceswipe to compare Round Down to Savings Account End of Day Balance
Day 1 - $922.42 $0.42 $922.00
Day 2 - $899.22 $0.22 $899.00
Day 3 - $875.77 $0.77 $875.00
Total Daily Transfer to Savings $1.41

Start saving simply today!

Your nickels and dimes add up - Ascent makes them add up faster. Are you ready to start saving? Enroll in Ascent Today!

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If you choose to round up after each purchase, all purchases made with your CorTrust Bank debit card from your checking account listed above will round up to the next whole dollar and the difference will be transferred to the savings account listed above.


With the round up after each purchase option, please be aware we will combine the round up from purchases that post to your checking account each business day and make a single transfer at the end of the business day to your savings account. If your debit card purchase is canceled or reveresed after the round up transfer has been made, the Ascent transfer will remain in your savings account. If on a business day you do not have enough available funds in your checking account, or if any transaction overdraws your checking account, we do not round up purchases posted on that business day and will cancel the Ascent transfer for that day.