July 11, 2017

Wedding Gifts on a Budget

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It's that time of year where weddings are in abundance. Summer and fall months are popular times for couples to celebrate your union. With this influx of weddings, guests are spending more of their personal budgets for the bride and groom. However, don't let a budget stop you from joining your loved ones on their wedding day. Check out inexpensive and thoughtful wedding gift ideas.

Frame the Invite

Purchase a decorative frame and insert their wedding invite. This considerate gift will serve as a great reminder of their special day.

Selfie Stick

This trendy gift will come in handy as the couple is honeymooning. They will be able to document their adventures and special time together with ease through the use of their selfie stick.

Dinner for Two

Buy raw pasta, sauce, and wine to create a romantic dinner for the newlyweds. Put the ingredients in a decorative basket the couple can use in their home. Plus, the couple will appreciate having a nice meal to enjoy after the craziness of wedding planning.

Customized Items

Another simple, yet thoughtful gift is to purchase hand towels, pillow cases, or glass, and customize them. These items could be brought to an embroidery store or printed on with their new last name.

Go in With Friends

An easy way to not overspend, while getting the couple something larger is to go in on a gift with a group of friends. That way everyone is contributing what they can afford, but still getting the couple something they want off their registry.

It can be stressful trying to juggle the extra expenses that come from attending weddings; however, you can still give a thoughtful gift and not break the bank. Taking the time to be creative in your giving will mean more the couple and cause less strain on your finances.