April 9, 2018

Six Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

Home Improvement

If you're like us, there's something about springtime weather that provides newfound motivation to spruce up your home. The fresh air and warmer temperatures make spring season the perfect time to deep clean your home, especially those spots you've been putting on the back burner. Check out our simple spring cleaning tips to get you started:


Of course you do laundry on a weekly basis for your everyday clothing, however spring is a great time to clean bedding, pillow cases, curtains, rugs, mats, and more. Simply throw these items in your washer and move on to other cleaning tasks.


We live in some brutal winter conditions, so it's not surprising if your carpets have taken a beating from all the snow and slush. Use the pleasant weather to deep clean your carpets either by renting a high-performance vacuum cleaner or hiring a professional.


Isn't it shocking how grimy fridges can get? Take the time to remove items from your fridge, and deep clean any food crumbs and liquid spills. Don't forget to discard of any expired items taking space up in your fridge. Finally, be sure to prevent odor by using baking soda to absorb any bad smells.


Do you have small children? How often do you thoroughly clean their toys? It's probably not as often as you'd like. One easy way to make sanitizing toys easier is by using your dishwasher. Simply place non-electronic, plastic toys in the dishwasher to get them like new again.


It may be one of the most used kitchen items in your repertoire of household appliances, yet it may also be the most neglected when it comes to the cleaning arena. To get started, microwave a combination of vinegar and water for 5-10 minutes until it steams. Remove the mixture, and wipe away all the grime and build up with ease.


Another simple spring cleaning chore is to declutter your closets. Go through your wardrobe and create piles of items you want to keep, throw away, and donate. A good rule of thumb is to part ways with clothing you haven't worn in the last six months. The same can be done with other items you have stowed away such as books, movies, decorations, furniture, and more.