August 23, 2017

Mortgage Servicing Just as Important as Loan

Home Ownership Mortgage
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You’ve just shaken the hand of your Mortgage Originator. The person you have been working tirelessly with for the past few months as you zoned in on the home of your dreams. The deal is officially done and you are a proud home owner. You and your Mortgage Originator did it!

But what really happens after that exciting moment? The truth is most home loans are sold off to an outside Mortgage Servicing firm, which means your trusty, long-time Mortgage Originator is no longer your go-to guy. Instead, you get to deal with the frustration of automated operators in faraway cities and awful hold music. Don’t forget about the long wait times and multiple transfers to (hopefully) reach the appropriate person.

You might be surprised to know that CorTrust, unlike most banks, services most mortgage loans locally. It’s true! Here’s why we think that’s a pretty big deal:

  • Timely – long gone are the days of sitting on hold for half your lunch break. We respond promptly to questions and concerns, and actually return your calls. Our quick response is just one perk of our local servicing advantage.
  • Personal – our Mortgage Servicing team consists of seven highly knowledgeable members, all of whom have impeccable customer service skills. We take pride in offering the highest level of care, and even schedule face-to-face meetings when needed. Plus, you can take comfort in knowing a real person is taking care of your mortgage needs.
  • Local – what makes us truly unique is the fact that we service our mortgage loans in Sioux Falls, SD. This allows us to make decisions quickly and get you answers.

While getting approved for a home loan is a major step in the home buying process, considering your Mortgage Servicing options are also important. When searching for your next mortgage partner, consider CorTrust and rest assured you’ll be receiving the best servicing from the start of your loan to the end.

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