August 23, 2017

Mortgage Checklist

Home Buying Mortgage

Getting approved for a home loan can be a smooth process, especially when you are organized and prepared. To help get there, we have developed a mortgage checklist specific to the application process to ensure a simple and easy experience.

It is recommended to have the following information ready when you begin the mortgage application process. Additional information may be required to finish the home loan, however.

  • Your social security number
  • Current pay stubs or, if self employed, your tax returns for the past two years
  • Bank statements for the past two months
  • Investment account statements for the past two months
  • Retirement account statements for the past two months
  • Make and model of vehicles you own and their resale value
  • Credit card account information
  • Auto loan account information
  • Personal loan account information

If you currently own real estate:

  • Mortgage account information
  • Home insurance policy information
  • Home equity account information (if applicable)

Having these items ready will help set you up for success. You can get started by applying online or scheduling a free consultation with our mortgage experts.