October 2, 2019

Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Visitors

Home Improvement

The last couple months of the year are filled with many holiday celebrations, which can bring a lot of visitors to your home. If you are like us, having holiday visitors is exciting, but can also be stressful. Use our helpful tips to prepare your home before your guests arrive.

Deep Cleaning

Leading up to having visitors, take the time to give your home a deep cleaning. Spend the week prior to having guests cleaning your bathrooms, vacuuming floors, organizing shelves and communal spaces, washing windows, dusting, and more. For some, hiring a cleaning professional can be a worthwhile investment to help minimize stress that can come with hosting company.

Ensure a Warm Welcome

The first thing a visitor will see when staying at your home is your front doorway. Make sure this space is swept and free of debris. This is also a great time to invest in a holiday wreath or a new doormat to welcome guests into your home.

Make Room for Coats and Shoes

The holiday months come with colder weather, so be sure to organize your coat closet or rack so guests have a place to hang their belongings. It's a good idea to store away your extra coats to make room for your guest's items. It you do not have one, you may consider purchasing a shoe rack to help your entry way stay clutter-free and organized.

Stock Up on Essentials

Plan ahead by having extra essentials for your guests, such as shampoo, soap, and toothpaste. Be sure to place these items where your guest will easily find them, such as on a shelf in your bathroom.

Prep Your Guest Room

Take the time to go through your guest room and ensure there are clean sheets and pillowcases on the bed. This is also a good place to provide extra blankets and bathroom towels. You may even consider placing a basket of snacks and bottled water in your guest room to make your visitor feel even more at home.