March 20, 2018

7 Attributes to Consider When Choosing a New Bank

Community Banking

The Advantages of Community Banking

If you're thinking about switching banks, understanding what makes a community bank, like CorTrust, different from big banks is an imperative part of your decision. Look at the following attributes that differentiate community banks from the pack:

  1. Focused, Personal Attention
    Community bankers focus attention on the needs of local families, businesses, and farmers. Conversely, many of the nation's large and systematically risky banks are structure to place a priority on serving large corporations.
  2. Community Banks Promote Community Growth
    Unlike many large banks that may take deposits in one state and lend in another, community banks channel most of their loans to the neighborhoods where their depositors live and work, helping to keep local communities vibrant and growing.
  3. Accessible Neighbors
    Community bankers are generally accessible to customers on-site, rather than headquartered in office suites elsewhere.
  4. Emotional + Physical Community Attachment
    Community bankers are typically deeply involved in local community affairs. Whether they are volunteering as a little league coach, donating their time to a local nonprofit, or contributing to a capital campaign to improve our neighborhoods, community bankers have a heart for the areas they serve.
  5. Personal Qualification
    Many community banks are willing to consider character, family history, and discretionary spending in making loans. Megabanks on the other hand often apply impersonal qualification criteria to all loan decisions without regard to individual circumstances.
  6. Local Decision Making
    With us, you can expect timely responses to business loan decisions because they are made locally. Larger banks often have to submit decisions to approval committees in faraway lands, which can take longer and isn't as efficient.
  7. Small Business Savvy
    Because community banks are themselves small businesses, we understand the needs of small business owners. We believe in lending to small business owners and farms.

Ready to take advantage of these community banking perks? Find the location nearest you or get started today. It's time to bank local!