March 11, 2020

6 Home Energy Updates to Help You Save

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Wouldn't it be nice to save money each month on your utility costs, all while making updates to your home that are good for your health and the environment? Use our six home energy improvements to get started.

  1. Sealing - improved seals keep your heat and A/C from working overtime and costing more.
  2. Efficient appliances - look for appliances that have the Energy Star certification to reduce your monthly energy consumption.
  3. HVAC - upgraded HVAC systems use less energy and can save you up to 30% on monthly energy bills, according to an article on
  4. Insulation - improved attic insulation can shave 10-50% off annual heating bills and may return 107% of the cost when you sell (
  5. Double-pane windows - double-pane windows add even more insulation for lower energy bills.
  6. Foundation retrofit - this update improves insulation and reduces moisture to prevent costly issues with mold.

With these updates in hand, you'll be well on your way to creating a healthier, greener, and budget friendly home.