May 30, 2018

5 Tips to Add Value to Your Home

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At some point in time, you might want to sell your current home, and for most, the hope would be to sell at a higher cost than you purchased. This makes it pretty important to continually keep your home in good condition. Check out our tips to add value to your home.

Home Inspection

Remember that handy home inspection you had when you initially purchased your home? Did you make any of the recommended updates? If the answer is yes, great! If not, your home inspection is a great place to start for making simple updates to your home to add value. It also doesn't hurt to hire another inspector to conduct a current analysis of your home to get a better idea of its present condition.


Paint is by far the easiest and most cost-effective enhancement you can make to add instant value to your home. As time goes on, paint can chip and deteriorate, which makes adding a fresh coat every so often is a great idea. From updating your outdoor shutters and window trims to adding an accent wall, paint is a simple way to instantly freshen up your home.

What's Your Wow?

In any home, it's always a good idea to have one feature that really 'wows' visitors and creates a lasting impression. Do you love shiplap and reclaimed barn wood? Add a feature wall for a unique design element. Do you have extra space to fill in your basement? Create a wet bar area for extra entertaining. How about a funky chandelier in your foyer for a dramatic entrance. Whatever it is, create a 'wow' for extra value.

Bathroom Updates

Let's face it, as time goes on, our home bathroom can take a hit from all the daily use. Which makes it important to update your bathroom to increase your home's price. While a complete bathroom renovation might be out of your budget, there are affordable projects you can tackle easily. For example, updating your vanity and countertop can be done for as little as $300 (if not cheaper). Another simple update is a new toilet, which can be installed within hours. Whatever update you can afford, it's always a good idea to make your bathroom look fresh and clean.

Carpets + Rugs

Every once in a while take a look at your home's carpets and rugs. With time, carpets and rugs can become stained, discolored, and worn. Try to prioritize getting these items professionally serviced and cleaned yearly to keep up your home's value.