May 28, 2021

4 Priceless Money Lessons for Kids

Financial Planning Financial Literacy

Financial tradeoffs, interest rates, and the importance of having an emergency fund; our current economic circumstances are full of teachable moments we can and should share with our children. After all, they're probably not learning these topics in school. Only 1 in 6 students will be required to take a personal finance course before earning a high school diploma, according to nonprofit Next Gen Personal Finance.

That's why we're equipping you with money tips and topics to discuss with the children in your life. Keep reading to get to the head of the class.

Next steps

  • Have family or friends share stories of how they thrived during a recession or found creative ways to stretch a budget.
  • Consider helping your child get started with investing, keeping in mind their investments will change calculations for college aid.
  • Introduce your family members - even the younger ones - to your financial advisor, who can act as a teacher's aid for financial literacy.