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Farm Management

Keeping Hopes High for Years to Come

With over 9,000 acres currently being managed by our professional team, we have the expertise to solve day-to-day management problems while optimizing net farm income. We offer a number of services to assist clients with their personal farm goals:

  • Selection of competent tenants or farm operators
  • Negotiation of appropriate and fair operating leases
  • Determining crop rotations, analyzing soil test information, and maintaining sound soil conservation practices
  • Selecting seed varieties and environmentally sound fertilizer and pesticide programs
  • Maintaining environmental records
  • Representing the owner in boundary disputes, drainage hearings, conservation meetings, governments programs, etc.
  • Making recommendations for building construction or repair
  • Marketing farm production
  • Keeping accurate records and providing financial reports to the owner
  • Reviewing and paying bills
  • Reviewing real estate taxes and insurance coverage
  • Providing safekeeping of tax information, paid bills, receipts, leases, and legal documents
  • Year-end reports
  • Analysis and coordination of farm program benefits

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