Welcome State Bank of Delano Customers - We're So Glad You're Here!

The State Bank of Delano is now a member of the CorTrust Bank family. Similar to the State Bank of Delano and the Gilmer family, CorTrust has a rich history rooted in family and local banking. We are third-generation family-owned community bank serving the needs of individuals and businesses throughout 16 South Dakota communities, and three Minnesota communities. Feel free to visit our About page to get to know us better.

We totally get that any change comes with questions and want to help make this transition as smooth as possible. Check out our list of FAQs to get started. Not finding your question? Simply contact us today.

We have received regulatory approval, however, State Bank of Delano will continue to operate "as is" until the merger is finalized on August 3, 2018. Both banks are working together to execute a seamless transition.

  • On August 13, 2018, your accounts will automatically be converted to a similar CorTrust Bank account. You should have received a booklet of detailed information on your account transition and there is no special action required of you. If did not receive a booklet, please call or stop by your branch to get a copy, or view it online.
  • You also received information about additional account options should you choose to upgrade or change your current account. In addition to an expanded array of products, services, and expertise to enhance your banking experience, we anticipate possible expansion of bank hours, making greater convenience a priority.

While State Bank of Delano is merging with CorTrust Bank, we will have one name. The name will be CorTrust Bank. This is necessary to reflect all of the communities that the bank serves. Trust is at the core of our banking relationships, and we hope that our customers will embrace the new name.

  • Enhanced Customer experience. This will improve our product offerings and provide a larger lending limit to meet our customer's borrowing needs.
  • Technology. The merger will allow us to meet the needs of our customers in the rapidly expanding technology arena. Coming together as a larger organization allows for additional products and technology enhancements that will serve our customers now and into the future.
  • Growth potential. The bank is growing and Wright County is growing. We want to be positioned to be a part of the growth and have the resources available to make that happen.
  • Strong merger partner. We want Delano to have a leadership role in the combined organization. We are in a position of financial strength and a solid organization, so the timing is good for this to occur.
  • Banking changes. With increased regulatory requirements and expanding customer and business needs, becoming a larger organization provides more resources for our customers.