Photo of Peggy Ninke
Peggy Ninke CorTrust Bank

Hometown: Alpena, SD
Education: National College of Business
Experience: Banking industry for over 39 years
Community Involvement: Day County Housing Development board, Paint SD volunteer, and local church boards and groups

With over 39 years of banking knowledge, Peggy provides clients with expert advice and quality customer service. Peggy conducts business with several principles in mind: honesty, fairness, respect, and courtesy. She believes in treating individuals like real people, instead of just a number.

For Peggy, the best part about working for a community bank is their willingness to help. “CorTrust is always ready to step up and donate to their communities through their time, talents, and resources. It feels good to work for an organization that invests back into the areas they serve,” said Peggy.