[Quiz] Find the Right Personal Checking Account

Take our fun quiz to see which of our personal checking account suits you best!

Which statement best describes you?

A) Current student.
B) Recent college graduate just starting a career.
C) Established professional with a young family.
D) Mature individual who has hit many of life's major milestones.

Where do you fall when it comes to finances?

A) Just starting a budget.
B) Got budgeting down, but am ready to start earning more for my money.
C) Ready to upgrade my banking all together and bank smarter.
D) Experienced in finance management, and wanting to start investing more wisely.

What matters the most to you?

A) Free matters the most to me - no monthly fees is the way to go!
B) Earning interest on my money is super important, all while avoiding fees.
C) I don't mind paying a monthly fee, as long as I am receiving some awesome extra features.
D) I want all the benefits I can get, but also want to earn interest on my balance. A small fee doesn't bother me to get all these awesome perks.

Which perk is the most important?

A) Free online and mobile banking.
B) Free checks at account opening.
C) Out of network ATM refunds up to $15/month and free online bill pay.
D) Free I.D. theft insurance, and monthly compounding and crediting.

If you answered mostly A's, our Free Checking account is best for you.

If you answered mostly B's, Interest Checking is the way to go.

If you answered mostly C's, CorChecking would be a great fit.

If you answered mostly D's, CorChecking Plus could work great for your needs.

Check out our personal checking options to learn more about each account option.