Local Servicing Advantage

Did you know most mortgages at CorTrust stay local? This ensures you work with a real person, not an automated operator, who can make decisions quickly and get you answers. Check out the advantages of this local servicing.

  • Insurance Claims - we handle most claims within a few days. With other institutions it may take weeks.
  • Escrow - all escrow items, such as increases, adjustments, paying of taxes, and more, are handled by our team.
  • Convenience - you won't have to worry about your loan being resold, which involves re-setting up ACH and multiple year-end tax documents.
  • Local - our local staff in Sioux Falls, SD, is comprised of one team, ensuring you work with a single, dedicated department.
  • Payment Options - we offer multiple payment options, including bi-weekly payments or more traditional monthly payments.
  • Flexibility - if you make a large principle payment, we can review the possibility of adjusting your monthly payment over the remaining term.
  • Hardships - if you lose your stream of income, our team is quick to work with you through options to protect your home.

Ready to start taking advantage of our local mortgage servicing? Schedule a free home mortgage consultation today with our experts. Have a question about an existing mortgage? Contact our mortgage servicing team today!