Grow Your Revenue: Expand Your Payment Possibilities

We understand all of the moving parts involved with owning a business. From customer service and marketing to finance management and sales, being a small business owner takes many hours. Now what if you could simplify one area of your business and spend more time tending to what really matters. You might be surprised to know that CorTrust Bank, in partnership with Security Card Services, can assist you with your business's merchant servicing.

We realize that every business is unique, which is why we offer each merchant the technology most suited to them - whether you process a handful of transactions a week or millions. From check and card readers to point-of-sale, contactless, and wireless terminals, we offer an array of products and services through many respected manufacturers to ensure you can handle any client payment method.

Here are a few services we offer to enhance your success:

Credit Card Terminals

This service offers support to many different types of clients, including those seeking wireless or PC-based solutions. Plus our credit card terminals are EMV ready and provides 24/7 customer support.

Debit Card Processing

Our debit card processing allows for authorization and payment of PIN-based debit transactions.

Mobile Solutions

Turn an asset you already own - your smartphone or tablet - into a handheld device with all the payment processing power you need through our encrypted card reader. Simply download our app to gain access and begin managing payments in the palm of your hand.

Internet Solutions

Secure your client data through an Internet-based, real time credit and check payment application. You can manage your payments, mine for customer data, customize email receipts, set-up recurring payment schedules, and configure fraud tools.

Gift Cards

We can customized gift cards to your branding, or you can select on of our simple card designs. Plus, you can track usage and offer rewards.

Online Reporting Portal

This service allows you to retrieve transaction detail and payment summaries, as well as access retrieval and charge back data.

Security Solutions

We offer PCI compliance and validation support, and enhanced security solutions to help protect your business.

If you feel like your time isn't being spent efficiently in your business, let us help. We offer payment solutions to help make your payment processing seamless and profitable. Our quality and service, combined with our proven payment industry expertise, will help your business thrive. Contact Amy Kozak at 605-449-9903 or via email at [email protected].