Frequently Asked Questions - Online Banking Upgrade

Recently, we upgraded our online banking platform to provide a better user experience with real-time information and advanced functionality to manage your finances online. And while we are very excited about these improvements, we understand that any change can be difficult at first. Which is why we are here to help answer any questions about the new presence. Check out our FAQs:

How do I access my online banking when using my smartphone?In the top right hand corner, you will see a "Login," button. Click that, select "Online Banking," and hit "Go," to access your account. You can also download the CorTrust Bank mobile app through the App Store or Google Play for instant access.
How do I differentiate between debit and credits when looking at my transactions at the account level?Debits are designated by a minus sign before the amount. Credits do not have a symbol in front of the value.
Is there any way to hide accounts a user does not want to see?Yes. Under “Edit Accounts,” on the home page. The “show on home,” check box allows you to select the accounts to display on the home page.
Can I rename my accounts?Yes. Under “Edit Accounts,” on the home page. From there, you can type in a custom account name.
Will I still have the option to view all transactions like before?You will be able to see transaction activity from newest to oldest at the account level. If more activity is needed, you can select “more transactions.” This process can be repeated as many times as necessary.
Do the recent transactions include pending transactions?Yes. In the transaction listing, pending transactions will have an orange clock icon next to them.
Will the pending transaction be subtracted from the account balance?Yes, it will.
Can you still export transactions?Yes. The “Download,” button at the account level will allow you to export transactions.
Can you manually add pending transactions? For example, if I wrote a check, can I add that to pending transactions?No. All information is pulled from CorTrust’s account processing platform.
Are scheduled transfers still going to be available or can we only set up recurring and instant transfers?Yes. The previous functions of “express,” and “scheduled,” transfers have been combined into a single experience for you.
In the search transaction field, can you search for a check number?Not at this time. This is a future enhancement.
Where will access to eStatements be found?eStatements can be accessed using the “Documents,” button at the account level.
Is the pie chart and spending report going to be gone? How far back can you get your transactions when you put in a date?The pie chart and spending report will be available under “Categorize,” at the account level. Simply select which account and click “Report.” The amount of activity available depends on how much information is stored within your transaction archive.
Will you be able to export transaction history? If so, how?Yes. This is now under the “Download,” tab at the account level.

To learn more, visit our online banking education center.

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