Four Ways You Can Save Time Running Your Business

When you are a business owner, no two days are ever the same. One day you might be resolving a system-wide computer issue, and the next you might be focused on local networking to expand your business's footprint. It's a juggling act and most business owners wouldn't pass up the opportunity to take more off their plates. Which is why we provide tools and resources to help you operate as efficiently as possible. Check out four ways we can help you save time running your business.

  1. Business Manager
    This unique service saves you time and money - that's a win-win! Business Manager is a complete system in which the Bank purchases your existing receivables on a discounted basis, and takes the responsibility for billing your customers and collecting their payments. Enjoy running your business without the stress of billing and collections!
  2. Merchant Services
    CorTrust Bank Merchant Services provides high quality, low cost processing for all major credit cards, debit cards, stored value cards, and checks. You'll enjoy faster transactions and increased funds availability with this service. From EMV ready terminals and point of sale systems to mobile payment solutions and gateways and virtual terminals, we've got your merchant processing needs covered!
  3. Cash Management Solutions
    We offer a wide variety of Cash Management Solutions to suit your unique business model. For example, we have a range of collection services, such as ACH, remote capture, and mobile deposit.
  4. On-the-Go Technology
    We live in a digital age and having access to your finances anytime and anywhere is a huge advantage. Which is why we offer online and mobile banking so you can have account information readily available. Plus, we have quick payment options like Apple Pay and Visa Checkout to make conducting transactions a breeze.

CorTrust values finding ways to relieve stress for business owners by offering time saving solutions. To start benefiting from these services, contact your local business banker today!