Analyzed Business Checking

CorTrust’s Analyzed Business Checking Account provides a more personal touch to your business checking account needs. We will evaluate your business to determine if this is the right account for you. Contact Our Business Bankers today for more information. 

Minimum to Open $1000.00
Minimum Balance to Avoid Imposition of Fees This account features an earnings credit which is applied to reduce or eliminate fees on the account. If the earnings credit exceeds the fees during the statement cycle, there will be no fees charged against the account for that cycle. The excess earnings will not carry over to future statement cycles or be paid out.
Interest Rate Paid or Earnings Credit Rate The daily periodic earnings credit rate is equal to the 91-Day T Bill rate divided by 365.
Calculate Interest or Earnings on Account The earnings credit will be calculated by applying the daily periodic earnings credit rate to the principal in the account each day of the period. The earnings credit will be calculated and applied against fees incurred for the monthly statement cycle.
Accrual of Interest or Earnings Credit on Non-Cash Deposits Earnings credit begins to accrue no later than the business day we receive credit for the deposit of non-cash items (ie: checks.)
Negative Collected Balance Charge Charge for negative collected balance will equal 2% over New York Prime based on a 30/365 basis.



Maintenance Fees $5.00
Per Debit (Checks/Other) $0.10
Per Credit (Deposit Slip) $0.10
Our Bank Checks Deposited $0.04
Other Bank Checks Deposited $0.08
Photo Copy $0.10
Research Time $12.00 per hour
Currency $1.00 / $1000
Coin-Bagged $2.00 / $1000
Coin-Rolled $2.00 / $1000
Incoming Wire $7.50 per item
Outgoing US Wire $12.50 per item
Outgoing Foreign Wire $37.50 per item
Activity Printout $5.00


Company Proof Items

Price consideration if business proofs items

Return Items

First Return $ 0.10
Charge Back $ 4.00

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