About CorTrust Bank

We Are Raising Expectations

Jack Hopkins
Jack E. Hopkins,
President & CEO
CorTrust Bank
CorTrust believes you should get more from your banking relationship. We are committed to providing the highest level of personal service, fast local decision making for business and personal loans, and expert advice and guidance you can count on to help reach your goals.

Mission Statement

The mission of this bank is to profitably deliver high quality customer service that meets the financial needs of our community, its businesses, and its citizens. No line of financial services is beyond our charter. Our mission has three components:

Customer Service

The bank’s most important asset is our customers. Our products are designed, our hours are set, and our employees are hired to meet the needs of our customers.


The next most important asset of the bank is our employees. Without motivated, dedicated, and responsible employees, it would be impossible for the bank to render high quality customer service. The bank is, and will be, a responsible employer, dedicated to the well being of its employees.


The bank is in business to make a profit for its shareholders. This means that we must operate the bank as efficiently as we can. Efficient operations and quality services are the two major cornerstones upon which we will build future profits sufficient to meet the expectations of our stockholders.